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Here’s 4 Pregnancy Beauty Tips That Really Work!

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While pregnant women are known for the ‘glow’ they’ll experience during the early stages of pregnancy, there’s no denying that pregnancy can have an impact on your self-image.

When this is combined with the hormonal changes you’ll go through, then you may sometimes feel less ‘beautiful’ than you used to feel.

Of course, while this is far from the truth (and all of your friends and family will tell you that you’re still gorgeous!) – there’s also several pregnancy beauty tips you can use to make yourself look and feel stunningly beautiful, even when you’re heavily pregnant.

With this in mind, we’ve prepared some fantastic tips for you, and we’d like to share them in this guide – so let’s begin.

Tip 1 – Use ‘pregnancy-safe’ skin care products

Keeping up with your regular skin care routine will go a long way towards keeping your skin feeling fresh and vibrant – but it’s important that you’re using skin care products which are safe to use while you’re pregnant.

Research has shown that certain ingredients should be avoided while pregnant, and these include beta hydroxy acids, chemical sunscreen, DEA, aluminum chlorides – and many more.

However, several top skincare brands now stock ‘pregnancy safe’ products and many of these will really help to keep your complexion glowing.


Tip 2 – Brush up on your makeup skills

When your body is experiencing rapid hormone fluctuations, don’t be surprised if you experience the occasional breakout or flare up. In fact, it can make you feel like a teenager all over again!

However, with the right makeup tricks, you’ll easily be able to mask the occasional blemish and maintain a beautifully radiant face. With this in mind, brush up on your concealer tips, and keep on top of those blemishes. It’s also wise to invest in some ‘pregnancy-safe’ makeup, too. Try something like getting your eyelashes enhanced at a salon or something like idol lash eyelash enhancer could be worthy of a test – but make sure it is ‘pregnancy safe’ before you try anything!


Tip 3 – Enhance your curves

As you gain additional weight during your pregnancy, you’ll probably have to go clothes shopping several times or more throughout the following 9 months.

However, rather than turning to strict maternity wear – it’s often possible to purchase the same style of clothing you enjoyed before, but simply purchase each item a few sizes larger.

If you’re a naturally petite woman, you’ll easily be able to get away with purchasing two to three sizes larger, without having to rely on mere maternity wear (which isn’t always flattering!)


idol lash eyelash enhancerTip 4 – Watch your diet

While it’s inevitable that you’ll gain a few excess pounds during your pregnancy, you can make the task of ‘post-baby weight loss’ much easier on yourself by keeping an eye on your diet during the pregnancy.

It’s always best to avoid junk food as often as possible and stick to nutritious meals that provide plenty of essential vitamins and minerals that you and your baby need.

If you monitor your calories using an app such as My Fitness Pal, you’ll be able to make sure you and the baby are well fed – without gaining those extra pounds that can be so difficult to lose later on down the line.


Overall, looking and feeling beautiful throughout your pregnancy is certainly an achievable goal, and with a little planning and foresight, you’ll be able to feel great most of the time, regardless of the changes that are occurring within your body.

If you follow these pregnancy beauty tips, you’ll be delighted with the results.

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